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Hardcore sponsorship.

Pleased to be able to announce that we are now a sponsor of the Hardcore Listing podcast.

If you don't know, Hardcore Listing with Chris and Stu is the demon spawn of the Distraction Pieces pod with Scroobius Pip. Like an out of control symbiot Hardcore Listing now rampages across the podwaves spreading a unique blend of brutal humour, heartfelt moments of genuine insight and playground insults.

Each week Chris and Stu invite a guest onto the podcast and 'interview' them about their chosen subject - a Top 5 list of their choice - subjects range from best movie villains, the most bizarre sex toys, a world cup of crisps to the top 5 most annoying things people do on Facebook.

It's hilarious, authentic stuff and you can check them out on itunes and Patreon

We're currently plotting some Hardcore Listing videos as a collaboration project so watch out for those!

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