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Ghost Stories.

I've been so excited to see this. Being a huge fan of the stage play and of all things supernatural I had high hopes for the film version of Ghost Stories.

Since I was a kid I've been fascinated with events such as the infamous Enfield haunting and classic horror like An American Werewolf in London, The Shining, The Entity..... years later I found myself armed with a night vision camera and radio searching for evidence of all things spooky with the team at Ghost Search UK.

After a year spent covering dozens of events I captured many other-worldly phenomena, including strange person-shaped mists and flying orbs, recorded disembodied voices, filmed furniture flying around the room and chatted to a long-dead man whose spirit was channelled by a friendly medium.

I also saw lots of people so desperate to find evidence of the afterlife that they chased the smell of farts around a room thinking it was some kind of spirit manifestation. On another shoot a bogus medium was convincing his audience that he was getting signals from beyond...which turned out to be nothing more than the squirting noise from an automated plug-in air freshener.

Ultimately, I found it to be a mixed bag of 'evidence' but a wonderfully thrilling experience with some very kind and genuine folk.

Ghost Stories by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson is a work of twisted genius.

It's a fantastic ride. the film is drenched in bucket loads of atmosphere and tension, is super creepy throughout and has a brilliantly creative concept behind the scares.

Like all great movies, Ghost Stories has many stand out moments and clever details that stick with you long after leaving the cinema.

The promo poster says "Best British Horror for Years" and I agree. It has a uniquely British feel to it, particularly in the humour and the cast deliver some amazing performances.

Unlike so much of the formula-filled jump scare rubbish that's pumped out, Ghost Stories is a film that has been beautifully crafted with innovation by people with a real love for horror cinema.

It will get under your skin, into your head and who knows...maybe some of it will follow you home. Mwahahahahaha

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